What Is the Difference Between Hemp-Derived and Cannabis Products?

Cannabis products are everywhere. However, this has only happened recently because The Farm Bill of 2018 legalized industrial hemp growth in the United States. Before that, it was completely illegal.

Cannabis-derived CBD oil is becoming a household name, and it’s not hard to see why. As more people turn to cannabis for relief from chronic pain, anxiety, epilepsy, PTSD, autoimmune disorders, and even cancer.

The demand for CBD has skyrocketed in recent years. But what makes the difference between hemp-derived and Cannabis Products? Let’s find out!

The Difference Between Hemp-Derived and Cannabis Products

If you have ever gotten Hemp oil and Cannabis products mixed up, don’t feel bad. Most people don’t know the difference and the United States Government even did at one point. In 1970 the U.S. put Hemp under the Controlled Substances Act as Marijuana. Hemp and cannabis are both types of the Cannabis sativa plant, but they’re very different.

Although hemp and cannabis both derive from the cannabis Sativa plant, they’re distinctive agricultural products. Not just because one typically finds marijuana rather than hemp growing in someone’s backyard either.

Cannabis is the genus of plants that has three species: Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis. Hemp is not a distinct species of cannabis. Hemp is only a Sativa, while on the other hand cannabis can be Sativa, Indica, or Ruderalis.

THC is the most well know ingredient contained within Cannabis, however, there is very little of it in Hemp. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), is the psychoactive part of marijuana that can make a person feel high. Hemp CBD products can only have up to 0.3 percent of it.

Let’s take a look at the two.


Hemp makes several different types of products, these include”

  • CBD oil
  • Hemp oil
  • Cannabis oil (made from Hemp)

It only contains 0.3 percent of THC. It has no psychoactive properties and can grow in many different climates.


Marijuana makes quite a few products as well, which will typically include:

  • THC oil
  • Marijuana oil
  • Cannabis oil (made from marijuana)

It will have around 15-20 percent of THC. It contains higher levels of psychoactive side effects and must be very carefully grown. 

CBD Oil Is Not All The Same

This is because when making CBD, a large amount of hemp is required for just a small amount. This means more processing is required, which raises the risk of containments. However, more research is being conducted.

This is why it is vital to purchase hemp products from reputable brands who are open and transparent about the testing results of their CBD products by independent, third party laboratories.

Cannabis typically provides more terpenes because of the largest amounts of resin within Cannabis.

Benefits Of Using Cannabis Products

When it comes to taking Cannabis products, you’ll be able to reap quite a few benefits. These are some of the great benefits that come along with Cannabis products. In 2018, the FDA approved the first prescription medication ever to contain CBD. It was used to help treat difficult cases of epilepsy.

Some of these reported benefits include:

  • Helps against seizures
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduces pain
  • Can help with psychosis or mental disorders
  • Help fight inflammatory bowel disease
  • Reduces nausea
  • Helps with migraine
  • Helps against depression
  • Reduces anxiety

As you can see, there are many benefits of cannabis products!

Full-Spectrum Products Vs. Broad-spectrum Hemp

When looking at both non-medical and medical cannabis products at the store or online, you may have noticed two terms, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum.

Full-spectrum products are products that have all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and CBD. Full-spectrum products will contain small amounts of THC, usually less than 0.3 percent. So you don’t have to worry about getting high on them. If you want to take CBD oil that is full of benefits, you should consider full-spectrum.

Broad-spectrum will also contain cannabinoids and terpenes, except for THC, THCa, and THCv. Since the THC is removed from the products, they could lose some of their health benefits.

Reap Healthy Benefits With Cannabis Products

Hemp and cannabis products are both types of the Cannabis sativa plant, but they’re very different. Although hemp and cannabis both derive from the same plant genus, they have vastly different uses in terms of products that can be made from them.

Almost all CBD products are made from hemp plants and provide health benefits for your body. If you want to reap the most benefits, consider getting full-spectrum products.

If you have questions about cannabis products or if you would like to find out which ones may be best for you, contact us today! Edit Article